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ReUseWaste is an Initial Training Network project funded under the Marie Curie action of the EU-FP7-PEOPLE-2011 program

The ReUseWaste network brings together major EU research groups from leading universities and research institutes, key agri-environmental technology companies and public authorities, from the countries and regions of most intensive livestock production in Europe.

ReUseWaste provides a unique opportunity for young researchers to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to develop and utilise new technologies for a socially and environmentally responsible management of animal wastes.  

The ReUseWaste network will:

  • provide new ideas and systems that lead to a major rethink in the current, established animal waste management systems  
  • train thirteen researchers in developing new technologies for improved and sustainable utilisation of valuable organic matter and plant nutrient resources in animal waste  
  • provide companies with improved and new technologies to produce both bioenergy and green bio-fertilisers, leading to improved soil, water and air quality  

The ReUseWaste project will receive a total of 3.24 mio EUR in funding from the EU over the period 2012-2015.

Principal Coordinator of the project is Prof. Lars Stoumann Jensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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