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Project objectives

The overall objective of ReUseWaste is to educate young scientists to rethink current, established manure management systems and apply new technology for improved and sustainable utilisation of the valuable organic matter and nutrient resources in manure.  

The immediate objectives of the project are to:  

  • Train 13 young scientists in sustainable animal manure utilisation and management processes (WP1)
  • Develop the personal and professional skills of these young scientists (WP2)
  • Develop new tools for characterisation of manure organic matter, nutrients and buffer components (WP3)
  • Develop new technologies for treatment and separation of manure organic matter and nutrients (WP4)
  • Develop new technologies for bioenergy and nutrient recovery from manure organic matter (WP5)
  • Improve and test application methods and assess the performances of manure treatment products following their application to land (WP6)
  • Synthesize the developed knowledge into new manure management systems, and to conduct integrated assessments and stakeholder dialogues (WP7)

Expected outcome

The overall outcome will be a new European platform (incl. trained scientists and required technology) from which innovative ideas for environmental technologies can develop to proof-of-concept level with industry. This will include novel technologies for characterization and sustainable utilisation of the manure, which will enable production of bioenergy, green bio-fertilisers and improved soil, air and water quality.

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