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Project overview

The ReUseWaste network brings together 8 major EU research groups from leading universities and research institutes and 8 key agri-environmental technology companies, combining biological, agronomic and engineering disciplines from the countries and regions with the most intensive livestock production in  Europe. Furthermore, two public regulatory authorities for test and verification of environmental technology  as well as environmental protection are associated partners. 

The ReUseWaste project is structured in seven work packages to ensure a strong and committed focus on the key areas: 

  • The training activities take place in WP1 Scientific Training and WP2 Generic and Complementary Training.
  • The scientific research activities are organized in WP3 to WP7
  • The management and dissemination activities of the ReUseWaste network are organized in WP0.
WP No. Work package title


Project management and dissemination
1 Scientific training activities
2 Complementary training activities
3 Manure organic matter and nutrients characterisation
4 Technology for treatment and management
5 Energy and P recovery
6 Recycling and utilisation of carbon and nutrients to land
7 Synthesis, integrated assessments stakeholders dialogues

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