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Supervisor-fellow meeting Murcia, April 2014 – University of Copenhagen

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Supervisor-fellow meeting Murcia, April 2014

The annual ReUseWaste supervisor-fellow meeting was held at CEBAS-CSIC in Murcia, Spain, on April 8th and 9th 2014.

Over and above meeting eachother and networking, the primary aims of the meeting were:

  • To gain a status and further insight into the Fellows individual research projects
  • To provide detailed and constructive feedback to Fellows on their presentations, and provide some guidelines on good presentation skills
  • To produce a summary of the scientific progress made in the project thus far
  • To get a status of and discuss fellows secondments and collaborative activities
  • To review the dissemination plans and provide inspiration for outreach activities
  • To go on a study tour in the region

Day 1 was opened by Lars Stoumann Jensen's welcome and followed by a key-note address by Rafael Clemente about bioremediation. The rest of the day was dedicated to Fellows presentations. All Fellows gave excellent presentations based on a 'conference-style' idea, where each fellow had 15 minutes to present an in-depth study from their work, followed by 5 minutes of status reporting. Since there was a large amount of new and unpublished data, all presentations are in the ReUseWaste dropbox, and not online. Each fellow received feedback, both orally and in writing, from a designated group. Some time was also spent on Day 1 discussing collaborative activities. 

Please contact the fellow in question should you want a copy of their presentation. 

Fellow  presentations 

3.1 George Bekiaris:Manure Organic Matter and Nutrient Characterization

4.1 Olga Popovic:Overview of her Post Doc work at University of Torino

4.2 Iria Regueiro: Effect of Slurry Acidification on Particle Size Distribution and Separation Efficiency

4.4 André Manuel Simões dos Santos: Development of composting technology for biofertiliser production

5.1 Phuong Thuy Vu: Anaerobic digestion of livestock wastes: Optimizing biogas yield from segregated piggery faeces

5.3 Daya Shankar Pandey: Optimal combustion technology for on-farm conversion of animal manures to heat and ash

6.1 Maxwell Owusu-Twum: Field application and gas emission of slurry treated by additives and mechanical separation

6.2 Ragunath Subedi: Crop nutrient value and GHGs emissions from biochar based biofertilizers

6.3 Athanasios Pantelopoulos: N losses during drying of the solid digestate: The effect of acidification

7.1 Yong Hou: Assessment of low-NH3-emission techniques and manure treatment: a review

On Day 2, we spent the morning on the study tour (read the study tour report for more information). Clement Peltre gave a key-note address in the afternoon about an LCA of land application of compost and the effect on energy use for tillage. Following this, we discussed outreach activities and the fellows were given inspirational examples of outreach activities through short presenatations by supervisors:

1. Presenting at an agricultural fair, Paolo Balsari, University of Torino

2. A field visit: when practical details are more important than science, Carlo Grignani, University of Torino

3. Preparing for a high-school visit, Henrique Trinidad, UTAD

4. Experience and reflection on Scientic dessimination at the Danish Festival for Research, Knud Christensen, SDU

5. Considerations when writing an article for a farmers magazine, David Fangueiro, ISA-UL.

Thanks to Pilar and colleagues for being excellent hosts!

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