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ReUseWaste Annual Meeting in Vila Real, Portugal

The third ReUseWaste Annual meeting was successfully held in Vila Real, Portugal from September 8th - 10th, 2014. The aim of the meeting was to take stock of fellows progress as well as to discuss outputs and activities for the forthcoming final period of the project. As usual, the final day of the event was an interesting study tour. The ReUseWaste Advisory Board also attended the meeting and provided valuable insights to the project. View the program for the event here.

Key note presentations

1. Livestock environment interactions: analysis– modelling–housing concept–management–outlook, Thomas Amon, Leibnitz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Potsdam-Bornim (member of ReUseWaste Adv Board)

2. Advances in nitrogen recovery from manure, Matias Vanotti, USDA (member of ReUseWaste Adv Board)

3. Up-scaling of hydrothermal bio-oil process, Anders Peter Adamsen, Aarhus University (member of ReUseWaste Adv Board)

4. Post-excretion strategies for reducing ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions from cattle manure management, José Pereira (Ph.D.), Dept. of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Polytechnic School of Viseu, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal

5. Portuguese intensive animal production systems and the manure issue, João Paulo Carneiro (PhD), Department of Life Sciences and Environment,Agricultural Polytechnic School of Castelo Branco, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal

Fellow presentations

3.1 George Bekiaris:Manure Organic Matter and Nutrient Characterization

4.1 Olga Popovic, Development of enhanced mechanical separation efficiency by combined separation techniques, pre and post-treatment

4.2 Iria Regueiro: Development of combined acidification and separation: Impact on slurry fractions composition and gas emission

4.3 Salud Camilleri-Rumbau: Development of membrane technology for production of concentrated
fertiliser and clean water

4.4 André Manuel Simões dos Santos: Development of composting technology for biofertiliser production

5.1 Phuong Thuy Vu: Development of anaerobic digestion methods for optimal energy yield and P recovery from animal manure production 

5.2 Natalie Taupe: Thermal treatment technologies for low moisture and dehydrated manure feedstock

5.3 Daya Shankar Pandey: Optimal combustion technology for on-farm conversion of animal manures to heat and ash

6.1 Maxwell Owusu-Twum: Field application and gas emission of slurry treated by additives and mechanical separation

6.2 Ragunath Subedi: Crop nutrient value and GHGs emissions from biochar based biofertilizers

6.3 Athanasios Pantelopoulos: Assessment of soil quality effects and nutrient availability of manure ash and biochar based biofertilisers

7.1 Yong Hou: Integrated assessment of manure management chains in EU-27

7.2 Sean Case: Evaluation of the market acceptability of biofertiliser products

Please contact the fellow in question should you want a copy of their presentation. 

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