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4.2 Iria Regueiro – University of Copenhagen

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WP 4.2: Development of combined acidification and separation treatment: Impact on manure and slurry fractions composition and gaseous emissions

Fellow (ESR): Iria Regueiro, ISA-UTL

Iria graduated as Chemical Engineer (Environmental speciality) from University of Industrial Engineering in Vigo, Spain. Following this, she moved to Germany to develop her bachelor thesis “Development of a Small-Scale Membrane Bioreactor for Continuous Bioethanol Production” and decided to stay to carry out a Master degree in Process Engineering and Energy Technology. She worked at the Water, Energy and Landscape Department of a Research institute developing technical tasks related to European projects dealing with topics as biogas production or wastewater treatment and completed her master thesis “Wastewater treatment from wineries at high organic load by means of an immersed membrane and activated sludge”.

Iria's PhD research topic consists of treatment by acidification of slurry to itigate ammonia (NH3) emissions during storage in combination with a posterior solid-liquid separation to concentrate the nutrients in the solid fraction decreasing transportation costs and avoiding unnecessary storage capacity in the farms. In this way, fertilizing value of slurry increases since less nitrogen is lost, environmental pollution minimized and health of animals protected. To reach these objectives, laboratory and medium scale experiments will be developed to optimize the acidification treatment prior to screw press, centrifugation and sedimentation separation techniques as well as the gaseous emission measurement during the storage time.

Supervisors: Dr. David Fangueiro (ISA-UTL) and Dr João F. Coutinho Mendes (UTAD)

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