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4.3 Maria Salud Camilleri Rumbau – University of Copenhagen

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WP 4.3: Development of membrane technology for production of concentrated fertiliser and clean water

Fellow (ESR): Maria Salud Camilleri Rumbau, SDU

Salud graduated as a chemical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Membrane technology has been her professional field since she worked during her master thesis in comparing reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems for reuse of industrial wastewater from the mechanical industry. Afterwards, she worked in Germany during 3 years as a R&D process engineer, on microfiltration-ultrafiltration ceramic membranes systems for wastewater treatment.

Her PhD studies consist of researching on the application of membrane technologies, such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration/reverse osmosis, for the production of concentrated fertilizers and clean water from pre-treated slurry (raw or digested) and other organic wastes. The aim of her project is to investigate the influence of membrane polymeric material, pore size/molecular cut-off, operation conditions and cleaning procedures on the membrane capacity for producing clean water and concentrated rich-fractions in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus as main nutrients. These concentrated fractions could be used as substitutes of chemical fertilizers.

Supervisors: Dr Birgir Norddahl, Dr Lene Fjerbæk Søtoft, Dr Knud Villy Christensen (all SDU)

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