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4.4 André Santos – University of Copenhagen

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WP 4.3: Development of composting technology for bio-fertiliser production

Fellow (ESR): André Santos, CSIC

André graduated from the TU Lisbon-Agronomy’s Superior Institute. During his Master Study in Environmental Engineering, he researched in the biogas field to assess the influence of mechanical, chemical and/or thermal pretreatments in maize stalks on the biogas yield. His interests focus on renewable energy, sustainable organic waste management and environmental sustainability.

His PhD focuses on the development of composting technology for biofertiliser production, obtaining high quality organic fertiliser products from animal manures. He is investigating the effects of the initial mixture composition of solid fraction of pig slurry and different bulking agents on the process variables, such as temperature development, moisture, density and C/N ratio, affecting the quality of compost produced. The compost produced will be evaluated for its use on biological agriculture, as a substrate. The composting of pig slurry can be a way of adding-value as organic fertiliser, in order to  reduce the input of mineral fertilisers in the agricultural system.

Supervisors: Prof. M Pilar Bernal (CSIC) and Prof. Raul Moral (UMH)

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