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5.2 Natalie Taupe – University of Copenhagen

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WP 5.2: Thermal treatment technologies for low moisture and dehydrated manure feedstock

Fellow (ESR): Natalie Taupe, ULIM

Natalie graduated from the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria. During her Master Study she gained experience in utilising plants as a renewable resource for the production of fine chemicals. Her interests revolve around renewable materials / energy and life cycle assessment.

Her PhD focuses on the development and assessment of thermal treatment technologies, such as pyrolysis and gasification, for low moisture and pretreated manure feedstock for bioenergy production and P recovery. She is investigating the effects of manure composition as well as process variables, such as temperature, residence time and equivalence ratio, on the quality of energy carriers and biochar. The biochars produced will be used for manure processing (compost, biofertiliser production and P recovery) and recycling to land studies. Due to the importance of a meaningful comparison and evaluation of the developed technologies, the application of sustainability measures are included in the project.

Supervisors: Dr J.J Leahy and Dr Witold Kwapinsky (both ULIM)

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