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6.2 Raghunath Subedi – University of Copenhagen

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WP 6.2: Land utilization, crop nutrient value and green house gas emissions from digestates and compost based bio-fertilizers

Fellow (ESR): Raghunath Subedi, UTO

Raghunath graduated with honors from Gent University, Belgium. His background is in agronomy and soil fertility. He has experience in the application effects of biochar on phosphorus availability in soil and interaction effects with phosphate solubilizing bacteria. His interest on working with biochar is mainly related to environmental aspects of soil fertility.

His PhD project aims to evaluate and understand the effects of the soil application of processed manure products (digestates, composts and biochar) in relation to soil greenhouse gas emissions and crop nutrient availability. Currently, he is carrying out short-term lab incubation studies to investigate the effects of different manure based biochars on ammonia and other greenhouse gas emissions from soils fertilized with animal slurry. His research is mainly based on sample sharing and cross-collaborations with other ESR.

Supervisors: Professor Carlo Grignani and Dr Laura Zavaratto (UTO)

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