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6.3 Thanos Pantelopoulos – University of Copenhagen

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WP 6.3: Assessment of soil quality effects and nutrient availability of manure ash and biochar based biofertilisers 

Fellow (ESR): Athanasios Pantelopoulos, UCPH

Thanos obtained his Master’s Degree from the University of the Aegean, Greece. During his graduate studies he had the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the environmental problems associated with agriculture and the effects of land use changes on soil quality parameters.

His PhD focuses on the recycling of nutrients from animal wastes to the land. He explores the impact that different upgrading pathways of organic wastes (thermal treatment, composting), combined with N loss mitigation techniques (acidification, absorption materials), have on the crop fertilizing value of the final products. He will investigate the effect of the upgraded products on soil quality, C sequestration, nutrient availability as well as the underlying mechanisms of those effects with isotopes use methods.

Supervisors: Professor Lars Stoumann Jensen (UCPH) and Dr Jakob Magid (UCPH) 

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