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7.1 Yong Hou – University of Copenhagen

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WP 7.1: Integrated assessment of manure management chains in EU-27

Fellow (ESR): Yong Hou, WUR

Yong graduated from Agricultural University of Hebei, China, with a Msc degree of Agronomy. His study topic mainly was the evaluation of N and P balances and losses in mixed “crop-livestock” farming systems at farm and regional levels. His research interests are recycling of organic waste, nutrient use efficiency and nutrient losses in agro-ecosystems.

Yong's PhD focus on the integrated assessment of manure management chain in EU-27 at regional and national levels, by improving an existed model (MITERRA). Specifically, he is updating parameters covering the “feeding-housing-storage-treatment-application/grazing-crop production” chain through literature study. Based on the model, he will synthetically analyse use efficiency and losses of N and P, greenhouse gas emissions from the manure management chain. Optimized options (e.g., mitigation of gas emission and increased nutrient use efficiency) will be explored based on scenario analysis, partly considering the application of manure treatment techniques. Farmers’ surveys are also included in this study, in order to investigate farmers’ perception on the use of manure management and processing techniques.

Supervisors: Professor Oene Oenema and Dr Gerard Velthof (both WUR)

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