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Parallel Session A – University of Copenhagen

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Parallel Session A 

Iria Regueiro; University of Lisbon ReUseWaste: Acidification and separation of slurry: effects on slurry composition and gas emission

Georgios Bekiaris; University of Copenhagen; ReUseWaste: Fast estimation of BMP value by FTIR-PAS

MARIA SALUD CAMILLERI-RUMBAU; SDU; ReUseWaste: Development of membrane technology for production of concentrated fertiliser and clean water

Olga Popovic; University of Torino; ReUseWaste: Activities and experience Slurry pre-treatments: results achieved in Marie Skłodowska-Curie funded fellowships at ReUseWaste project

Rapporteurs report

The current session focused on the utilization of additives and new technologies, on current separation technologies of organic slurries.

Iria Regueiro investigated the effect of acidification as a pre-treatment of slurries before mechanical separation. She concluded that acidification significantly decreased NH3 and other gases emission during the storage stage of the slurry fractions.

Olga Popovic assessed the effect of chitosan addition in slurries, before separation, on nutrient allocation at the different slurry fractions. She demonstrated that chitosan, decreased the P content of the slurry solid fraction and decreased the Cu and Zn concentrations in the liquid fraction.

Maria Salud Camilleri Rumbau focused on ultrafiltration of slurries and concluded that ultrafiltration decreases the heavy metal concentration on the permeate.

Georgios Bekiaris introduced the use of FTIR-PAS in the prediction of biochemical methane potential (BMP) of plant biomasses. The results pointed that FTIR-PAS can predict the BMP accurately and as efficiently as NIR.

Compiled by Thanos Pantelopolous and André Santos. 

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