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Parallel Session B – University of Copenhagen

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Parallel Session B

Lydia Fryda; ECN: Innovative strategies to improve the recycling of energy, nutrients and organic matter from waste materials: Evaluation of gasification co-produced biochar

Daya Pandey: University of Limerick; ReUseWaste: Modelling of biomass gasification process particularly pretreated animal manures and solid wastes

Natalie Taupe;University of Limerick; ReUseWaste: Gasification and pyrolysis of poultry litter – An opportunity to produce bioenergy and nutrient rich biochar

SURJIT SINGH; UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS; FertiPlus, A comparison of the physical and chemical properties of biochars and hydrochars

Rapporteur Report 

Multi-Gene Genetic Programming (MGGP) shows potential as a predictive tool for fluidized bed gasification performance. This provides a more accurate training and validation tool, which is also fuel- flexible (Daya Pandey).

Gasification efficiency decreased to accommodate continuous biochar products with low PAH contents. Standardization of PAH characterization methods recommended however.

In terms of energy and biochar coupling, possible routes include: hydrothermal carbonization/wet torrefaction/torwash of feedstock prior to gasification (Lydia Fryda).

Updraft gasification technique for poultry litter management good for waste management and yields syngas with comparable properties from literature, although gasification chars are less homogeneous than pyrochars. Main challenge for farmers is what to do with pyrolysis oils generated however (Natalie Taupe). What is the real potential for large-scale gasification, however?

Hydrochar PAH generally comparable to biochar PAH. Evidence suggests that hydrochars are less stable/recalcitrant than biochars, based on recalcitrance and extraction analyses (TEOC, WEOC & WEON) (Surjit Singh).

Compiled by Chibi Takaya and Maxwell Owusu-Twum

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