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ReUseWaste Poster Award at Ramiran – University of Copenhagen

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19 June 2013

ReUseWaste Poster Award at Ramiran

The ReUseWaste consortium awarded a special prize for the "Best Poster Presented by a Student" at the Ramiran conference held in early June. A jury of researchers from ReUseWaste assessed student posters according to a number of criteria. The "Best Poster Presented by a Student" was duly awarded to Maialen Viguria and Ania Escudero Olabuenaga from NEIKER (Environment and Natural Resources Unit- Ingurumen eta Baliabide Naturalen Unitatea) in Spain.

Congratulations to Maialen and Ania, who will receive a copy of the new book Animal Manure Recycling - Treatment and Management edited and authored by some of the ReUseWaste PIs, and free participation in the next ReUseWaste annual meeting, in order to give the winner access to our network.

The winning poster was entitled "Slurry Application Techniques to reduce Ammonia Emissions - Field experiments in Basque country and Navarra".

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