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ReUseWaste presentations at ManuResource – University of Copenhagen

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8 December 2015

ReUseWaste presentations at ManuResource

A variety of ReUseWaste work was recently presented at the International Conference on manure management and valorization (ManuResource) in Bruges.Should you wish to hear more about the work, please contact the respective authors on each link below:

S. Case, Y. Hou, M. Oelofse, O. Oenema, L.S. Jensen (2015): Farmer attitudes and potential barriers to the use of new organic fertilisers - A Danish survey study. Oral presentation 

Gerard Velthof, Y. Hou, O. Oenema (2015): Nitrogen excretion factors of livestock in the European Union. Oral presentation

Athanasios Pantelopoulos, Jakob Magid & Lars Stoumann Jensen (2015): Thermo-chemically treated digestate solids as organic fertilizers. Oral presentation

Gómez-Muñoz, B., Case, S.D., Jensen, L.S. (2015): Pig slurry acidification and separation techniques affect soil N and C turnover and N2O emissions from solid, liquid and biochar fractions. Poster. 

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