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26 October 2015

Two new ReUseWaste papers about biochar

ReUseWaste fellow Raghunath Subedi from the University of Torino has together with colleagues published two new papers focussing on the environmental effects of biochar use in farming systems:

Subedi, R., Taupe, N., Pelissetti, S., Petruzzelli, L., Bertora, C., Leahy, J.J., Grignani, C. (2016): Greenhouse gas emissions and soil properties following amendment with manure-derived biochars: Influence of pyrolysis temperature and feedstock type. J. Environmental Management. 166, 73-83.

Subedi, R., Kammann, C., Pelissetti, S., Taupe, N., Bertora, C., Monaco, S., & Grignani, C. (In press). Does soil amended with biochar and hydrochar reduce ammonia emissions following the application of pig slurry? European Journal of Soil Science. In press

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