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ReUseWaste partner involved in EU regulation amendment – University of Copenhagen

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11 September 2014

ReUseWaste partner involved in EU regulation amendment

Poultry production is an important component of the agricultural sector in Ireland, however the use of poultry manure as a fuel for on farm energy production was previously not allowed according to EU regulations. The ReUseWaste  associate partner in Ireland, Biomass Heating Solutions, supported by the University of Limerick has been heavily involved in efforts to amend the EU regulation regarding the use of animal by-products and derived products as a fuel in combustion plants.  

The Commission recently decided to allow the use of poultry manure as a fuel under existing animal by-product regulations. The decision opens the door for the use and commercialization of an on-farm combustion technology developed by ReUseWaste associate partner Biomass Heating Solutions (Bhsl), drawing on expertise from the University of Limerick. The system uses poultry manure to produce heat which can be used in the poultry production facilities. Some of the benefits include reduced fuel costs for farmers, and improved environmental conditions for the birds. Contact JJ Leahy to hear more.

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