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8 April 2016

New ReUseWaste publications

A number of new, prominent publications have come out from the project in the past few months:

Gomez-Munoz, B., Case, S.D.C., & Jensen, L.S. 2016. Pig slurry acidification and separation techniques affect soil N and C turnover and N2O emissions from solid, liquid and biochar fractions. Journal of Environmental Management, 168, 236-244 

Subedi, R., Taupe, N., Ikoyi, I., Bertora, C., Zavattaro, L., Schmalenberger, A., Leahy, J.J., & Grignani, C. (2016b). Chemically and biologically-mediated fertilizing value of manure-derived biocharSci. Total Env. 550, 924–933.  

Athanasios Pantelopoulos, Lars Stoumann Jensen, Jakob Magid (2016): Solid fraction from biogas digestate: Effects of acidification, temperature and ventilation on nitrogen (2016). Journal of Waste Management. 48:218-26.

Phuong T. Vu, Roland W. Melse, Grietje Zeeman, Peter W.G. Groot Koerkamp (2016): Composition and biogas yield of a novel source segregation system for pig excreta, Biosystems Engineering, Volume 145, May 2016, Pages 29-38, ISSN 1537-5110. 


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