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Instituto Superior de Agronomia - University of Lisbon (ISA-UL), Portugal

The University of Lisbon (UL) is a key teaching and Research center in Portugal, with 48.000 students, 3.920 PhD students and 3918 academic staff. UL cooperates with MIT, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Texas at Austin and integrates the so called ERA-nets. UL is organized in 18 schools, and has 90 research centres with 10 associated laboratories. 

One of the schools, the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA, Higher Institute of Agronomy) is the largest and most qualified school in the Agricultural Sciences and related areas like forestry, food science, environment science, biology or landscape architecture, in Portugal. Within Higher Education, the School has 1700 BSc/MsC students and 150 PhD students. The academic staff totals 140, all PhD graduates with recognized scientific work published in international journals, books, and conferences.

The Environmental Chemistry Research Unit (, involved in this project, is organized in 2 groups. The works of Group 1 focuses mainly on the Best management strategies for sustainable organic wastes utilization in agriculture whereas Group 2 is specialized in works related with Soil Fertility and Quality. The Research Unit accounts for 22 researchers , including 7 PhD researchers and post-docs. The group has extensive research experience with organic wastes, particularly animal manure and sewage sludge treatment and valorization.

The following fellowship is hosted in this research group: 

Contact person for ISA in ReUseWaste is Dr David Fangueiro

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