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University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The University of Southern Denmark is a modern institution offering education and research at the highest level. Every day more than 1,400 researchers and 20,000 students build on the Universitys reputation as a centre of academic excellence. The universitys five faculties offer a wide range of study programs, many taught in English. Having developed international programs for over thirty years, the University enjoys a vibrant, multicultural environment and a worldwide network of businesses, institutions and researchers. Each year more than 1500 international students choose to study at the University, which has more than 500 exchange agreements with partner institutions across the world. Teaching staff have extensive research expertise, ensuring students receive an education of the highest quality.

One of the five faculties is Faculty of Engineering, located at its own campus in Odense. The research of the Faculty of Engineering is rooted in interactions between basic research and applied research in a network which consists in part of other research units at the University of Southern Denmark and in part of outside research institutions, and which has a strong tradition of cooperation with the industry nationally as well as internationally.

The enrolled PhD fellow

is hosted at the Institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, one of five institutes at Faculty of Engineering. The study programs and research of the institute lies in the intersection between natural science and engineering disciplines, with focus on global challenges and local opportunities and solutions. Through its research, innovation and study programs the institute contributes with solutions to global social and environmental problems. We help create growth and prosperity through technically sound engineering solutions that integrate other disciplines.

The institute will be a gateway for lifelong learning for employees, students, and project and network partners. By means of various forms of cooperation such as internships, student projects, networking and research projects with the industry and other public research institutions, there is a constant exchange of experience and knowledge which ensures that all parties have access to the latest and most relevant knowledge. Research areas covers chemical process engineering, functional materials and fuel cells, biomass technology, processing of vegetable raw materials for food, feed and natural medicine, system analysis and environmentally efficient technology as well as biosystems technology.

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