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#1: Iria Regueiro, João Coutinho, David Fangueiro: Reducing ammonia losses from cattle and pig slurry by acidification. 

#2 N.C. Taupe, D. Lynch, R. Wnetrzak, F. O’Grady, M. Kwapinska, W. Kwapinski, J.J. Leahy: Up-draft gasification of poultry litter 

#3 Popovic O., Gioelli F., Dinuccio E. and Balsari P.: Improved pig slurry mechanical separation using polymers and biochar

#4 Maxwell Owusu-Twum, J. Coutinho and H. Trindade (UTAD): Can biological additives improve the agronomic value of cattle slurry?

#5 Daya Pandey, M. Kwapinska, J.J. Leahy and W. Kwapinski (ULIM): Simulation of Poultry Litter Gasification

#6 Sean Case: Survey to investigate the current and planned use of organic fertilisers by farmers in the EU

#7 André Santos, M.A. Bustamante, R. Moral, M.P. Bernal: The proportion of cotton gin residues as bulking agent affects the composting of the solid fraction of pig slurry

#8 M.S. Camilleri-Rumbau, B. Norddahl, A. K. Nielsen, K. V. Christensen, L. F. Søtoft: Comparative techno-economical study between membrane technology systems for obtaining concentrated fertilizers from biogas plant effluents

#9 P.T. Vu, R.W. Melse, G. Zeeman, P.G. Koerkamp: Source segregation can improve piggery waste management with anaerobic digestion

#10 R. Subedi, N. Taupe, S. Pelissetti, L. Petruzzelli, C. Bertora, C. Grignani: Changing temperature and feedstock properties during biochar production strongly modifies CO2 and N2O emissions after soil amendment

#11 Bekiaris, G., Bruun, S., Peltre, C., Houot, S., Jensen, L.S.: Fast and reliable characterization of organic wastes by FTIR-PAS

#12 Athanasios Pantelopoulos, Jakob Magid, Lars Stoumann Jensen: Drying of separated digestate solids: Effects of pH and temperature on ammonium contents

#13 Yong Hou, Gerard L. Velthof, Oene Oenema: Mitigation of ammonia, nitrous oxide and methane emissions from manure management chains: a meta-analysis and integrated assessment     

#14 D.S. Pandey, J.J. Leahy, W. Kwapinski: Prediction of Syngas yield from municipal solid waste in a fluidized bed gasifier- A novel approach

#15: Sean Case: ReUseWaste organic products survey update.

#16: I. Regueiro, J. Coutinho, D. Fangueiro: Effect of slurry acidification on particle size and separation efficiency

#17: M.Y Owusu-Twum, J. Coutinho, H. Trinidade: Effect of mechanical separation and slurry additives on oat forage yield and quality in North-West Portugal

#18: Natalie Taupe, Sandra Varin, Witold Kwapinski, JJ Leahy: Fractionation of poultry litter for ash and nitrogen separation

#19 A. Santos, D. Fangueiro, M.P. Bernal: Composts vs.mineral fertilisers: sustainable options for agricultural fertilisation

#20 Bekiaris, G., Jensen, L.S., Peltre, C., Bruun, S.: Effect of pyrolysis temperature on P speciation of biochars produced from the solid fraction of manure digestate

#21 R. Subedi, N. Taupe, L. Zavattaro, C. Bertora, J.J. Leahy, C. Grignani: Low temperature manure-derived biochars behave as fertilizers

#22 M.S. Camilleri-Rumbau, B. Norddahl, J Wei, K. V. Christensen, L. F. Søtoft: Microfiltration and ultrafiltration as a post-treatment of biogas plant digestates for producing concentrated fertilizers

#23 Athanasios Pantelopoulos, Jakob Magid, Lars Stoumann Jensen: Effect of acidification and drying on carbon and nitrogen availability of digestate solids.

#24 Yong Hou, Gerard L. Velthof, Sean Case, Myles Oelofse, Lars Stoumann Jensen, Oene Oenema: Stakeholder perceptions of manure treatment technologies in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.  

#25 P.T. Vu, M.S. Camilleri-Rumbau, P.G., Koerkamp, B. Norddahl, L.F. Søtoft, K.V. Christensen: Pilot-scale membrane ultrafiltration of pre-treateddigestate of biogas plant 



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