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Manure organic matter and nutrients characterization

The overall objective of the work package is to develop and test new tools for manure organic matter and nutrients characterisation.  


Current analytical methodologies for manure and biomass waste composition and degradability are mainly based on traditional analytical methods, which often are cumbersome and time-consuming. Techniques based on spectroscopic methods have been developed recently and have the potential to be used to monitor the composition and degradation products on-line, e.g. NIRS which provides a very fast, online method of characterizing the chemical composition of complex organic materials (Stenberg et al., 2005; Bruun et al., 2005). Thermogravimetric analyses can be used to quantify biological recalcitrance of manure (Gomez et al. 2007).

The buffer system of animal slurries consists of significant alkalinity from various components, which affects the effectiveness of additives applied to reduce ammonia volatilization or turnover of uric acid and urea in the slurry (Sommer and Husted, 1995). Improving the knowledge of how the buffer systems are formed and interact with the specific surface charges of especially the very small particles or colloids of the slurry is expected to enable enhanced additive application methods (Fangueiro et al., 2009).

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