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ReUseWaste News #4

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Welcome to the latest edition of ReUseWaste News! As you can see, we have decided to produce the project newsletter as an html page rather than a standard pdf. The new format will give more flexibility to the newsletter. 

The project is progressing very well and during the forthcoming period we will be reporting on the research results which are starting to emanate from ReUseWaste. The newsletter will also update on other network related events.

ReUseWaste periodic reporting

We submitted the mid-project periodic report to the Research Executive Agency of the EU in February 2014. The report was an excellent opportunity to review progress and ensure that plans are on track in the project. ReUseWaste is by in large on track, and we look forward to the second phase of the project. 

Supervisor-fellow meeting in Murcia, Spain

The annual ReUseWaste supervisor-fellow meeting was held at CEBAS-CSIC in Murcia, Spain, on April 8h and 9th 2014. We met in order to gain status of fellows projects and discuss plans for collaboration and publication.  Please note that we have not publicised Fellows presentations as they contain data to be published soon. Read more about the meeting and the study tour in a report compiled by Fellow André Santos. 

ReUseWaste Research brief: Olga Popovic, University of Torino

Olga Popovic recently completed her position as a post doc in ReUseWaste at the Univeristy of Torino. Together with colleagues at the University of Torino, she has written a research brief about work to improve pig slurry seperation. Read the Research Brief

Meet a ReUseWaste fellow: Iria Regueiro

Iria is a PhD fellow working at ISA-UL. She works in WP 4.2 and her project is entitled: Development of combined acidification and separation treatment: Impact on manure and slurry fractions composition and gaseous emissions. Read more about Iria

Meet a ReUseWaste fellow: Maxwell Owusu-Twum

Maxwell works as a PhD fellow on WP 6.1. His project is entitled: Field application and gas emissions of slurry treated by additives and mechanical separation.  Read more about Maxwell

Forthcoming events 

David Fangueiro, a ReUseWaste PI, is organising a ReUseWaste side event at the18th Nitrogen workshop that will take place close to Lisbon from 30/6 to 3/7 2014. An open ReUseWaste workshop will be held on 3rd July 2014, directly after the N meeting. View the latest programme for the ReUseWaste event. If you want to hear more about the ReUseWaste event, please write David Fangueiro.    

The next Annual meeting will take place in Vila Real in Portugal from September 8th to 10th, 2014.

The ReUseWaste training course: "Scientific Writing Fundamentals" will be run in Lisbon from September 11th -13th 2014. You can read more about the course here 

ReUseWaste #5 will be published mid June 2014.

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