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ReUseWaste News #5


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Welcome to Issue #5 of ReUseWaste News. This issue contains two interesting research briefs by ReUseWaste fellows. We also introduce you to two more of the ReUseWaste team and provide general project news.  

ReUseWaste side event at the Nitrogen Workshop

David Fangueiro, a ReUseWaste PI, is organising a ReUseWaste side event at the 18th Nitrogen workshop that will take place close to Lisbon from 30/6 to 3/7 2014. An open ReUseWaste workshop will be held on 3rd July 2014, directly after the N meeting. View the latest program for the eventIf you want to hear more about the ReUseWaste event, please write David Fangueiro

Research brief: Effect of additives on slurry  characteristics

Several treatment approaches have been proposed as having the potential to abate the environmental burdens associated with manure management. One of such approaches is the use of slurry additives. In this Research Brief, Maxwell Owusu-Twum (UTAD), reports on his work to test the efficacy of slurry additives to help understand the environmental and agronomic effects of the additives. Read the Research Brief

Research brief: Simulation of poultry litter gasification

Thermal gasification is an alternative option for disposing of agricultural waste, sewage sludge, poultry litter and other forms of biomass. Daya Pandey, a fellow at University of Limerick reports on his work to further our understanding of manure gasification mechanisms. Read the Research Brief 

Meet a ReUseWaste fellow: Daya Pandey

Daya is a PhD fellow enrolled at the University of Limerick. He has a background in mechanical engineering. Daya works on project 5.3, entitled "Optimal combustion and gasification technology for on-farm conversion of animal manures to energy and ash". Read more about Daya and his project

Meet a ReUseWaste fellow: Sean Case

Sean is one of the two Post Doctoral fellows in ReUseWaste. Sean. Sean has a PhD from The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and The University of Edinburgh University of Edinburgh. During his PhD, he investigated the effect of biochar on greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural soils. Sean works in WP7.2 and his project entitled: Nitrogen recycling from organic waste streams and biofertilizers. Read more about Sean and his project

ReUseWaste now a member of BioRefine Cluster Europe 

The ReUseWaste project has become a member of the BioRefine Cluster Europe. The Biorefine Cluster Europe is an initiative bridging multiple projects in the domain of nutrient and energy cycling. The Cluster aims to stimulate interaction between the member projects as well as the partner institutes / organizations / companies and people behind them.

Forthcoming events 

The next Annual meeting will take place in Vila Real in Portugal from September 8th to 10th, 2014.

The ReUseWaste training course: "Scientific Writing Fundamentals" will be run in Lisbon from September 11th -13th 2014. You can read more about the course here 

ReUseWaste #6 will be published early September 2014. Wishing you all a good summer!

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