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Welcome to Issue #6 of ReUseWaste News. Over and above general news, this issue contains two interesting research briefs by ReUseWaste fellows. We also introduce you to two more of the ReUseWaste team, André and Yong. 

ReUseWaste partner involved in EU regulation amendment

Poultry production is an important component of the agricultural sector in Ireland, however the use of poultry manure as a fuel for on farm energy production was previously not allowed according to EU regulations. The ReUseWaste  associate partner in Ireland, Biomass Heating Solutions, supported by the University of Limerick has been heavily involved in efforts to amend the EU regulation regarding the use of animal by-products and derived products as a fuel in combustion plants.  

The Commission recently decided to allow the use of poultry manure as a fuel under existing animal by-product regulations. The decision opens the door for the use and commercialization of an on-farm combustion technology developed by ReUseWaste associate partner Biomass Heating Solutions (Bhsl), drawing on expertise from the University of Limerick. The system uses poultry manure to produce heat which can be used in the poultry production facilities. Some of the benefits include reduced fuel costs for farmers, and improved environmental conditions for the birds. Contact JJ Leahy to hear more.

Research brief: The effect of a bulking agent on composting 

Composting is a common method to treat animal manure. André Santos, PhD fellow at CSIC in Spain, set out to investigate the effect of different proportions of cotton gin residues as a bulking agent on composting of the solid fraction of pig slurry. Read more about his study in the research brief.

Research brief: Survey investigating organic fertiliser use in EU

ReUseWaste Post Doc, Sean Case (WP7.2) has written a research brief about a collaborative ReUseWaste survey. The group are surveying farmers in the six ReUseWaste partner countries (Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark) to ask them about their current management of organic waste on their farm, their knowledge of and interest in novel waste management technologies, and the barriers to them using such technologies. Read more about this ongoing work

Meet a ReUseWaste fellow: André Santos

André, working on WP4.4, graduated from the TU Lisbon-Agronomy’s Superior Institute. During his Master Study in Environmental Engineering, he researched in the biogas field to assess the influence of mechanical, chemical and/or thermal pretreatments in maize stalks on the biogas yield. His interests focus on renewable energy, sustainable organic waste management and environmental sustainability. Read more about André

Meet a ReUseWaste fellow: Yong Hou

Yong works in WP7.1. Yong graduated from Agricultural University of Hebei, China, with a Msc degree of Agronomy. His study topic mainly was the evaluation of N and P balances and losses in mixed “crop-livestock” farming systems at farm and regional levels. His research interests are recycling of organic waste, nutrient use efficiency and nutrient losses in agro-ecosystems. Read more about Yong and his project 

ReUseWaste Annual meeting held in Vila Real, Portugal

The third annual ReUseWaste meeting was recently held in Vila Real Portugal, hosted by the partner UTAD. The meeting served as an excellent opportunity to take stock of project progress. ReUseWaste fellows are now entering the final year of their studies, and therefore have many results to report. The ReUseWaste Advisory Board were also in attendance and offered excellent feedback and advice for the remaining period of the project. Read more about the meeting here

Other project news

The ReUseWaste side event, held on July 3rd, at the 18th N workshop in Lisbon was a great success. Read about the event here. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the presenters if you would like to here more about there work. You can find contact details for fellows here.

The ReUseWaste project has become a member of the BioRefine Cluster Europe. The Biorefine Cluster Europe is an initiative bridging multiple projects in the domain of nutrient and energy cycling. The Cluster aims to stimulate interaction between the member projects as well as the partner institutes / organizations / companies and people behind them.

RAMIRAN2015 | Call For Papers

The 16th International Ramiran Conference, entitled Rural-Urban Symbiosis will be held in Hamburg, Germany from 8th–10th September 2015. 

Agriculture produces bioresources for food and increasingly also for material and energy provision. The majority of agro-products are used in urban areas where they are connected with waste and wastewater generation. On the one hand, these residues are actually disposed or inefficiently treated, on the other they have value for agricultural production.

RAMIRAN 2015 is focusing on closing the loop linking rural production and urban consumption systems and on the development of more sustainable solutions for the handling of residues.


•Fertilizers from residues

•Soils for the future

•Advances in emission prevention

•The bioresource challenge

•Agro-products for the biobased economy

•Smart concepts for rural development

•Towards zero waste settlements

•Rural-urban sustainability cases studies world wide

Deadline for abstract submission is 15 December 2014. We invite you to prepare abstracts according to the information given at:


IV International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management

The Brazilian Society of Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management (SBERA) has a pleasure to invite you to the IV SIGERA to be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, May 5-7, 2015. Please note that the deadline for papers submission is October 17, 2014. Read about the event here

IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery 2015

The IWA Specialist Conference Nutrient Removal and Recovery (NRR), 18-21 May 2015 in Gdansk, Poland  continues the series of the past NRR conferences held in Cracow in 2005 and 2009.  This time, the conference theme will focus on moving innovations into practice in the area of nutrient removal and recovery from wastewater. Deadline for abstracts submission: 30 November 2014. Read more at the conference homepage






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