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Welcome to Issue #7 of ReUseWaste News. In this issue, we present two interesting research briefs by ReUseWaste fellows as well as other news items of interest. 

Study of membrane technology systems for fertilizers

Maria Salud Camilleri Rumbau, ReUseWaste fellow at SDU, has prepared a research brief about her work with the use of membane technology systems for obtaining mineral fertilizers from biogas plant effluents. Read Saluds research brief. 

Source segregation of slurry for improved anaerobic digestion

Phuong Vu, ReUseWaste fellow at Wagening University, has prepared a research brief telling about her work to improve anaerobic digestion of pig slurry.  Read Phuong's research brief. 

First ReUseWaste paper published

We are very happy to announe that the first paper emerging from ReUseWaste has now been published. ReUseWaste fellow Olga Popovic and colleagues from the University of Torino published a paper entitled: "Improved pig slurry mechanical separation using chitosan and biochar" in Biosystems Engineering. Congratulations!

Meet a ReUseWaste Fellow: Raghunath Subedi

Raghunath is a ReUseWaste Fellow at the University of Torino, working in WP6. Raghunath graduated with honors from Gent University, Belgium. His background is in agronomy and soil fertility. His PhD project aims to evaluate and understand the effects of the soil application of processed manure products (digestates, composts and biochar) in relation to soil greenhouse gas emissions and crop nutrient availability. Read more about Raghunath and his work

Meet a ReUseWaste Fellow: Salud Camilleri Rumbau

Salud is based at SDU and works in WP4 of ReUseWaste. Salud graduated as a chemical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Membrane technology has been her professional field since she worked during her master thesis in comparing reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems for reuse of industrial wastewater. Her PhD studies consist of researching the application of membrane technologies for the production of concentrated fertilizers and clean water from pre-treated slurry and other organic wastes. Read more about Salud and her work

ReUseWaste study tour report

A one day study tour was recently held in conjunction with the ReUseWaste Annual Meeting in Vila Real, Portugal. The tour started with a visit to the SOBRADOS unit, working with Agricultural valorization of mushroom growth substrates. Following this, the group visited  the LUSIAVES unit, working with the combustion of poultry litter for heat production to an industrial area. ReUseWaste fellow from UTAD, Maxwell, has kindly compiled an excellent study tour report .

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