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Strong ReUseWaste turnout at RAMIRAN 2015

The 16th RAMIRAN conference, recently held in Hamburg, provided an excellent showcase for ReUseWaste research. Thematic topics covered in the conference were A) Quality Fertilizers from Residues, B) Sustainable Soils, C) Advances in Emission Prevention, D) The Bioresource Challenge and E) Sustainable Regions. The conference had 230 participants, representing 35 countries, with more than 10% coming from outside Europe and was therefore a great opportunity for ReUseWaste fellows and their supervisors to network with related researchers around Europe and the rest of the world.

In all, there were nine ReUseWaste presentations, seven oral and two posters, covering a range of topics related to organic residues and their application in agriculture. Below you can find a list of the interesting ReUseWaste papers given at RAMIRAN, please contact the first authors if you want a copy of their paper.

ReUseWaste fellow George Bekiaris from Univ. of Copenhagen claimed second prize in the poster competition for his poster on fast  estimation  of  the  labile carbon  fraction  of organic waste products by FTIR  photoacoustic spectroscopy – congratulations George! In the final session of the conference, ReUseWaste coordinator, Professor Lars Stoumann Jensen, presented his visions for how to deal with future European manure management challenges.

1. Sean Case, M. Oelofse, O. Oenema, Y. Hou, L.S. Jensen (2015): Farmer attitudes and potential barriers to the use of new organic fertilisers. Paper and oral presentation.

2. Sean Case, B. Gomez-Muñoz, J. Magid, L.S. Jensen (2015): Thermal drying does not increase nitrogen release from an anaerobically-digested biosolids. Paper and oral presentation.

3. George Bekiaris, Lars S. Jensen, , Clément Peltre, Sabine Houot, Sander Bruun:  Fast  estimation  of  the  labile carbon  fraction  of organic waste products by  FTIR  photoacoustic spectroscopy. Paper and poster.

4. Phuong T. Vu, R.W. Melse, G. Zeeman, P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp (2015): Effect on composition and biogas yield of a novel source segregation system vs. conventional separations of pig excreta. Paper and oral presentation.

5. Ragunath Subedi, N. Taupe, I. Ikoyi, C. Bertora, L. Zavattaro, A. Schmalenberger, J. J. Leahy, C. Grignani (2015): Manure-derived  biochars  behave  also  as  fertilizer. Paper and poster.

6. Athanasious Pantelopoulos, J. Magid, L.S. Jensen (2015): Drying  of  separated  manure  digestate  solids: Effects of acidification, temperature and ventilation on nitrogen loss. Paper and oral presentation.

7. M.P. Bernal, André Santos, J.A. Saéz, R. Clemente (2015) Scaling up pig slurry composting from laboratory to farm. Paper and oral presentation.

8. David Fangueiro, S. Surgy , F. Abreu, R. Cameira, I. Fraga, E. Vasconcelos, J. Coutinho (2015): Band application of acidified slurry as an alternative to slurry injection: an integrated evaluation. Paper and oral presentation.

9. Lars S. Jensen & M. Oelofse (2015): Dealing with Future European Manure Management Challenges. Paper and oral presentation. 

First ReUseWaste PhD submitted

Salud Camilleri Rumbau, ReUseWaste fellow at the University of Southern Denmark, submitted her PhD thesis on September 21st. Her thesis is entitled: “Development of Membrane Technology for Production of Concentrated Fertilizer and Clean Water”. Salud is the first of our PhDs to submit - congratulations!

Two new ReUseWaste papers

George Bekiaris, ReUseWaste Fellow, has with colleagues recently published two new articles about rapid methods for rapid estimations:

Georgios Bekiaris, Jane Lindedam, Clément Peltre, Stephen R. Decker, Geoffrey B. Turner, Jakob Magid, Sander Bruun (2015): Rapid estimation of sugar release from winter wheat straw during bioethanol production using FTIR-photoacoustic spectroscopy. Biotechnology for Biofuels (2015) 8:85.

Georgios Bekiaris, Jin M. Triolo, Clément Peltre, Lene Pedersen, Lars S. Jensen, Sander Bruun (2015): Rapid estimation of the biochemical methane potential of plant biomasses using Fourier transform mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy, Bioresource Technology, Volume 197, December 2015, Pages 475-481

Research Brief 21:  

In the last issue of ReUseWaste news, the link for ReUseWaste fellow Raghunath Subedi's research brief was not working correctly. A second attempt - Raghunath has written and interesting research brief entitled: Low temperature manure-derived biochars behave as fertilizers. Read the research brief 

Research Brief 22:  

ReUseWaste fellow Salud Camilleri-Rumbau, from SDU in Denmark has compiled an interesting research brief entitled: Microfiltration and ultrafiltration as a post-treatment of biogas plant digestates for producing concentrated fertilizers

Research Brief 23:  

Athanasios Pantelopoulos, ReUseWaste fellow at University of Copenhagen, has written a research brief about low temperature manure-derived biochars behave as fertilizers. Read the research brief 

Refertil Newsletter

A new issue of the REFERTIL project's newsletter is out, "Biochar Permit EU regulations and law harmonization", including 

  • Summary of the REFERTIL policy support work
  • The current status of the Fertiliser Regulation
  • The Mutual Recognition Regulation
  • Biochar authority permit - HU case study
  • The first biochar permit in EU
  • REFERTIL recommended biochar quality and safety parameters
  • Standardisation of the analytical methods

CLICK HERE to download the newsletter

New issue of BioRefine Bulletin and Scope Newsletter

A new issue of the Biorefine Bulletin is now out. Read the newsletter hereIssue 116 of the newsletter of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) is out now. Read the newsletter here

Conferences and events 

Eco-Bio 2016: Challenges in Building a Sustainable Biobased Economy will take place 6-9 March 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This new conference will highlight the latest research and innovation towards developing industrially viable, safe and ecologically friendly biobased (renewable biological sources) solutions to build a sustainable society. 

Livestock Waste Conference 2016 conference in Galway Ireland. The topics covered in LivestockFarming2016 conference will include (but will not be limited to): 1. Policies and regulations on animal waste management; 2. Technologies for animal waste prevention; 3. Pollution control technologies; 4. Resource recovery technologies and practice; 5. Greenhouse gas emission mitigation for livestock farming. Deadline for Abstract submission is 11 March 2016.

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