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Welcome to the penultimate issue of ReUseWaste News. The ReUseWaste project will officially end on December 31st 2015. However, as the project has progressed, so too has the amount of news to report. The final issue of ReUseWaste news will come out in early 2016 and contain a variety of reports of project outcomes and achievements. In the meantime, please enjoy the current issue... 

Research Brief #24

Yong Hou, ReUseWaste fellow at Wageningen, has written a research brief about stakeholder perceptions of manure treatment technologies in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Read the brief here

Research Brief #25

ReUseWaste fellow Phuong Vu, also at Wageningen, has prepared a research brief about her experiments on pilot-scale membrane ultrafiltration of pre-treated digestate of biogas plants. Read Phuongs research brief

Nutrient Recycling Challenge

Could you have the next big idea for farmers and the environment?

The US EPA, agricultural organisations and other partners have launched a “nutrient recycling” challenge - A competition for technologies to recycle nutrients from livestock manure. Deadline for submission of “concept papers” = 15th January 2015

Read more about the challenge and how to participate

Two new ReUseWaste papers about biochar 

ReUseWaste fellow Raghunath Subedi from the University of Torino has together with colleagues published two new papers focussing on the environmental effects of biochar use in farming systems:

Subedi, R., Taupe, N., Pelissetti, S., Petruzzelli, L., Bertora, C., Leahy, J.J., Grignani, C. (2016): Greenhouse gas emissions and soil properties following amendment with manure-derived biochars: Influence of pyrolysis temperature and feedstock type. J. Environmental Management. 166, 73-83.

Subedi, R., Kammann, C., Pelissetti, S., Taupe, N., Bertora, C., Monaco, S., & Grignani, C. (In press). Does soil amended with biochar and hydrochar reduce ammonia emissions following the application of pig slurry? European Journal of Soil Science. Volume 66, Issue 6, pages 1044–1053

New ReUseWaste publication about GHGs from compost

ReUseWaste fellow Andre Santos has together with colleagues in Spain published a new paper reporting results from their work with greenhouse gas emissions from composts. The paper is now online in the Journal of Cleaner Production and is entitled: "Gaseous emissions and process development during composting of pig slurry: the influence of the proportion of cotton gin waste". 

Second ReUseWaste PhD submitted

Iria Regueiro, based at ISA-UL in Lisbon, submitted her thesis recently which was titled: "Development of combined acidification and separation treatment: Impact on manure and slurry fractions composition and gaseous emissions". Congratulations to Iria!

Scope Newsletter #117

Issue 117 of the newsletter of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) is out now. Read the newsletter here

Conferences and events 

ManuResource 2015: International conference on manure management and valorization. The second edition of the ManuREsource conference is taking place this week! ReUseWaste work will be presented at the conference with two oral presentations and a poster. 

The 19th Nitrogen Workshop will take place in Skara, Sweden 27-29 June 2016. We invite you to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation at the workshop. Deadline for abstract submission is 20 January.

Eco-Bio 2016: Challenges in Building a Sustainable Biobased Economy will take place 6-9 March 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This new conference will highlight the latest research and innovation towards developing industrially viable, safe and ecologically friendly biobased (renewable biological sources) solutions to build a sustainable society. 

Livestock Waste Conference 2016 conference in Galway Ireland. The topics covered in LivestockFarming2016 conference will include (but will not be limited to): 1. Policies and regulations on animal waste management; 2. Technologies for animal waste prevention; 3. Pollution control technologies; 4. Resource recovery technologies and practice; 5. Greenhouse gas emission mitigation for livestock farming. Deadline for Abstract submission is 11 March 2016.

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